An Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Conserveware by Fineline Settings is the perfect solution for operators who are looking for better Earth friendly packaging options. Our BPI certified products were created to be both operationally superior and esthetically appealing.
In typical FLS fashion we have created a complete product offering including PETE lids. We did not just stop at the basics, FLS has separated itself from the competition by adding innovation to the bagasse material. Our square bowls, burrito bowls and deep rectangles are just a few of the items that will allow you to create the perfect compostable takeout offering.

Made of environmentally friendly bagasse;

• FDA Approved • Biodegradable • Compostable • Microwave Safe •

Conserveware is made with great integrity and should not break under normal usage, they are also both compostable as well as biodegradable, decreasing your carbon footprint.

Updated Fineline Settings Catalog Conserveware Brochure